Elite Hearing Centers of America — Seven Days Risk Free

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Client: Elite Hearing Centers of America

Creative Name: 7 Days Risk Free

Website: http://elitehearingcenters.com/


  • Scene 1:
    • Tagline: Hearing Issues? Turn to a company you can trust to protect one of your most precious assets
    • We want an animated start. Have the picture of the ear that fades to the blue part of their ear logo and then have the three yellow lines of their logo slide in one at a time. Then have the rest of the logo fade in next to the blue ear. And then have the tagline appear.
  • Scene 2:

    • Tagline: We’re confident that you will love our service, we want you to try our BEST hearing aids for 7-Days risk-free. 1.855.HEAR.ELITE Or click on the map for a location near you.
    • Show logo and photo freehearingtest.png (this belongs to the client). Make the 7-days risk-free stand out.
  • CTA: *No Call to Action*